Mehmooni, which translates to “gathering” or “party” in Farsi, is a furniture collection inspired both by Persian traditions and customs and by playful postmodern design.

Each piece in the collection is designed to foster and cultivate the spirit of a Mehmooni. The Taarof table, for example, is a modular cocktail table with an optional built-in ice bucket, ashtray, and/or fruit bowl. In addition to promoting traditional Persian gatherings, the collection is both sustainable and carbon-neutral.

All materials are sourced locally from New York City and fabricated in Red Hook, Brooklyn to reduce carbon emissions. Every piece in the collection is created using a combination of organic materials – including corn-based 3D-printed plastic, sustainably-sourced FSC-certified lumber, and plant-based resin.

To ensure the collection is completely carbon-neutral and emission-free, all carbon emissions from fabrication and transportation are calculated and offset using carbon credits.